Thanks for checking out my site! My name is Justin and I identify as an IT Nerd! I started my career out in the world of networking, security and VoIP helping companies large and small create scalable global networks that connect their end-users, customers and partners. Networking is truly a passion of mine, I’ve been around long enough to catch the transitions to SDN, LEOs, and SD-WAN yet sufficient old enough I missed the world of PSTN faxes, but not by much!

Throughout my career I’ve found myself attracted to technology both old and new. I enjoy pushing my boundaries, working to create a rounded and balanced perspective and hardware and software. Somewhere around my quarter-life crisis I decided it was time for a change and I made one of the most conflicted and mildly terrifying transitions and jumped to the world of cloud. No, I knew nothing about cloud, in-fact, you may say I worked for one of those organizations that openly and publicly detested cloud so I knew I was going to be starting my career over. Well, I’ve been in the world of cloud for a few years now and it’s been one of the most rewarding job transitions I’ve ever encountered!

Today, I spend most of my days working with customers to build large scale global applications across a variety of industries. When it comes to cloud the breadth can be quite wide but I’ve enjoyed my time in cloud and love helping customers change their world. We’ve built multi-continent Peta-byte scale data platforms and seen customers adopt Cloud Native application architectures using Serverless technologies. While I rarely code in C or C++ today I’ve been trying to round out my knowledge and develop a stronger programming background as such I’ve had to transition a number of languages fairly quickly. Today most of my code is written in Python, Typescript/NodeJS and some meddling in GO. - I know, how cloudy of me!

Outside of my obvious work nerd-ery at home I’ve been slowly retro-fitting residential homes with IoT devices. While I have a bias to energy visibility and management I’ve recently started dipped into AI based Video platforms.

So, clearly I have a little bit of Nerd-ery in me! However, when I’m not busy playing with technology you’ll find me off exploring the 70% of our world that is underwater! I’m a scuba diver and I’m passionate about my diving. The challenge of being a technical diver and the understanding it takes to be safe is super interesting to me as is understanding how our bodies react according to pressure.